Earrings my passion

On the other day, Julia went into haberdashery and bought a bullet to serve the i-cord. What is it? You will ask. It is a machine that serves to make the i-cord, that cord to the knits we mentioned some article does; do you remember? Back at home and almost regretted of this expense, Giulia wondered, “And now that I do this with the agglomeration?”
Then he remembered seeing girls and ladies with handmade earrings and necklaces with this magic cord and asking himself, “Who knows who does these things?” On the other hand he had a very thin shiny spool (of what was used in knitwear) and so the idea.

Instead of using the wool, he did meters and feet of knit tie with his device. Unable to do the knit because the wire is really thin. Then he put inside a cotton thread of the same color to make it more supportive and … well, the result you can see it also.
A handful of colored stones sewn on the cord, a little fancy in the shapes to make and have come out all the earrings you find in our shop. For the moment they are just yellow and blue, but now that Julia has started, who’s stopping it anymore?

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