There are two of us: Mariantonietta and Giulia, two sisters who are passionate about the work “the ancients” that we have handed our aunts, our grandmother and especially our mother.
Each of them was specialized in any kind of work, but we managed to make them our all.

With this blog we would like to pass on to other women, especially to the younger, our passion, which may prove to be curator of stress for career women, but also gain tool for how many will want to join us in creating a community of people who share modern ideas but made with traditional methods.

My name is Maria Antonietta and I was a computer teacher for 36 yers and I take care of the site, handles and loads the tutorial on youtube channel and on the e-learning platform, and maintains contacts with buyers and affiliates.

If you know not to use the computer: no problem! I’m here for. You will not have to be a computer expert to sell on the Internet. I do for you image loading, the preparation of the page and all you will need to make your home more appealing showcase!

Giulia, instead, is the one that takes care of work and manages the creation, with precision and accuracy, making small masterpieces, unique in their kind.
Expect more of you want to join: just fill out the registration form in which you will indicate your telephone number or e-mail address and you will soon be contacted by one of our own.

We expect many!