Welcome to RiKamo.

Everything you wanted to do it for reasons of time or desire you have not realized we do for you! Our Marketplace allows you to those of you who have always had want to let others know how good they are in achieving personal and tailored garments, using our showcase to the big world of the Internet. But you know not to use this technology? No problem.

Let me do it for you will be responsible for presenting your products in the best possible graphics, advertise them and take care of the shipment instead vostro.A you just send an email to register and that’s it.

Want to give a personalized gift to your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, or you do not know what to give to your grandchildren who live far away, or do not have enough original ideas for gift graduation of your best friend, No problem!

How and when you want, simply choose the object, the colors, the container, the tapes, and we’ll to the realization, to the packaging and dispatch. One smartbox crochet ideas, grilled, embroidery and memories that will follow your loved ones in time. Do not waste time and go into different sections to choose your best present!