We know that before starting any work grilled or crochet is good practice to do a sample.
This way you avoid future problems, avoid pulling and do it all again. Personally I hate the samples and especially to be there to measure, it seems to me to waste time (although it is not true).

Then you know what I do to unite “with pleasure” and be sure of the right steps? Usually in the work explanations we are advised to take a sample of 10 × 10 cm. I get one of 15 × 15 or 20 × 20 cm. and even I cherish.
After a while, I can use all the samples I had to make a blanket in patchwork style.

Lately I’ve made of crocheted centers combining all covered samples and doilies that had my grandmother came and cute.
As for the measures now I have my beautiful shapes of cardboard. Yes you read right! Using the 10 × 10 cm stiff cardboard cutouts as a measure of my samples grilled, thus putting this shape on the sample I realize how many links and how many rows it takes for my work.

If the sample is smaller you have to work with larger needles, but if it is bigger you have to use smaller needles, as long as we use the yarn directed. I have the greatest shapes created by the squares of the blankets, so I no longer use the centimeter. Very easy, is not it?